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    Brain Treatments

    Neurosurgery is a specialized field of medicine that deals with diagnosing and treating conditions that impact the brain, central nervous system, and blood vessels supplying the brain and surrounding structures. This involves various surgical procedures performed by highly skilled neurosurgeons. For reliable information on the various brain treatments available, seek the expertise of Dr. Nitin Jagdhane, the best neurosurgeon in Mumbai, India.

    Spine Treatments

    Spine surgery is a crucial component of neurosurgery, which involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the spinal cord, vertebral bones, blood vessels, and nerve roots exiting the spinal canal. The best neurosurgeons specialize in various surgical and non-surgical spine treatments to address these issues. For comprehensive information on the range of spine treatments available, consult Dr. Nitin Jagdhane, the best spine surgeon in Mumbai, India.
    About us

    At Brain&Spine Specialist, we take pride in having a team of the best neurosurgeons and neurologists in Mumbai. Our team is comprised of highly skilled specialists, including neurophysicians, neuro-ophthalmologists, neuro-otologists, neuro-physiologists, neuro-oncologists, neuro-intensivists, and neuro-rehabilitation experts, such as physiotherapists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists.

    We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and advanced neuro and spine care services at an affordable cost, in line with international standards. Our senior consultant, Dr. Nitin Nandkumar Jagdhane, is an experienced and highly qualified neurosurgeon and spine surgeon, specializing in endovascular neuro-intervention and minimal access spine surgery.

    With over a decade of experience in neurosurgery, Dr. Nitin Jagdhane has achieved remarkable success and recognition in the field. He is currently serving as one of the best neurosurgeons and spine surgeons in Mumbai, as well as the best neurointervention specialist (endovascular neurosurgeon/ interventional neurologist), at various top hospitals, including Nanavati Max Super Specialty Hospital, Vile Parle, Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, Reliance Hospital, Mumbai, Sevenhills hospital, Andheri, and others.

    Visit Brain&Spine Specialist today to receive exceptional neuro and spine care from our team of experts, led by Dr. Nitin Jagdhane, the best neurosurgeon and spine surgeon in Mumbai.

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    19 years in practice

    Dr. Nitin Jagdhane

    Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon
    Minimal Access and Endoscopic Spine Surgeon
    Endovascular Neuro-intervention Specialist

    best neurosurgeon

    Dr. Nitin Jagdhane is one of the best neurosurgeons in Mumbai, specializing in the treatment of brain and spine disorders. As an experienced surgical neurologist, he provides expert care for a wide range of conditions, including brain tumors, spinal tumors, traumatic brain and spine injuries, and neurovascular conditions such as stroke, aneurysms, and AV malformations.

    Dr. Jagdhane is also an expert in the treatment of pediatric neurological conditions, epilepsy disorders, and movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and dystonia. In addition, he has extensive experience in treating various brain infections, including meningitis, brain TB, brain fungal infections (such as black fungus Mucor mycosis), and brain abscess.

    As one of the best spine doctors in Mumbai, Dr. Jagdhane provides solutions for all types of spinal tumors, including schwannomas and neurofibromas. He also provides expert advice on spinal infections such as spinal TB and vertebral TB, as well as degenerative spondylotic spinal disorders such as slipped discs, lumbar canal stenosis, spinal vertebral fractures, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, and spondylitis.

    Dr. Jagdhane also specializes in treating chronic pain conditions such as chronic low back pain syndrome and failed back syndrome using both non-operative and operative techniques. He is an expert in neuropathic pain disorders and common neurological conditions such as Trigeminal Neuralgia, Hemifacial spasm, Migraine headache, vertigo, seizure disorders, epilepsy, and sciatica.

    At Brain&Spine Specialist, Dr. Jagdhane and his team of expert neurosurgeons provide comprehensive care for various disorders of the central nervous system. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with the best neurosurgeon and spine doctor in Mumbai.

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    pooja gaikwad
    pooja gaikwad
    23 February 2023
    Worst experience, the staff and admin and support even receptionist is hopeless. Only bcoz of doctor they are running that clinic. She will not give you a fix time, if you take an appontment she will miss updating it to the doctor. They do not provide a scheduled time, Whatever be your appointment you have to wait 1 hour and bore yourself out. Sania ji there is least helpful and rude when asked about Timing and arrival for doctor.
    digambar jadhav
    digambar jadhav
    24 January 2023
    उत्तम neurosurgeon मुंबई येथील सर्वोत्कृष्ट मेंदू रोग तज्ञ
    Vinod Rathod
    Vinod Rathod
    20 January 2023
    Best neurosurgeon in Mumbai
    Munni Munni
    Munni Munni
    23 December 2022
    Best spine neurosurgeon in Mumbai for spondylosis.