Cervical Fracture

What are the causes of cervical fracture?

These are a few reasons for the cervical fracture to occur:

If any motor vehicle accidents happen
Fall of heavy object on the head or neck
If gymnasts miss the high bar while moving
If diver hits the bottom of a shallow pool
What are the signs, symptoms, and complications of cervical fracture?

Localized and prominent neck pain and stiffness can be the very first signs of cervical fractures. There can be visible bruising and swelling also on the fracture site in the back of the neck. If the fracture is severe bones can be misaligned. If nerves are compressed severely there will be significant numbness and weakness affecting the ability to lift or hold items. Due to neurologic control, patients may complain of difficulty breathing. There can be restricted neck movements or even torticolis (Twisted neck on one side).

How is the diagnosis of Cervical fractures?

Cervical fractures should always be suspected if the patient has met with an accident, and complains of neck pain.  The diagnosis becomes difficult if symptoms are atypical. After any accident or trauma, if patients come with neck pain, then to diagnose cervical injury, they should be carefully transported with a hard cervical collar and examined with x-rays.

What treatment for Cervical fractures is available?

Treatment will depend on the severity of cervical vertebrae damage and kind of fracture.  A cervical brace can be helpful if worn for 3-6 months in minor fractures. A more extensive fracture can be treated with traction or surgery initially followed by a spinal fixation procedure. Various surgical options available are doing from the

Front side of the neck
Back side of the neck
What operations for Cervical fractures are available?

The operations commonly done are

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF)
Anterior Corpectomy and Fusion
Posterior Cervical Laminectomy and lateral mass fixation
Global fusion (Anterior plus Posterior procedure)

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