What is Craniopharyngioma?

Craniopharyngiomas are benign brain tumors that develop near the pituitary gland and cause pituitary hormonal dysfunction, visual loss, and headaches.  

The initial treatment for craniopharyngiomas is surgical removal that is as safe as possible. Luckily, many patients can have craniopharyngiomas removed through a keyhole approach through the nose using an endoscopic endonasal approach or a brow craniotomy.  

How is the diagnosis of Craniopharyngioma made?

The following tests and procedures are done to diagnose Craniopharyngioma:  

  • Physical examination.  

A craniopharyngioma is usually diagnosed after your doctor has reviewed your medical history and performed a neurological exam. Your sight, hearing, balance, coordination, reflexes, and growth and development are all tested during this procedure.  

  • Blood tests are performed.  

Changes in hormone levels may be revealed by blood tests, indicating that a tumor affects your pituitary gland.  

  • Imaging examinations.  

X-rays, MRIs, and computerized tomography may be used to create images of your brain (CT).   

Craniopharyngioma can happen at any age, but it is most common in children and the elderly. Symptoms include progressive vision changes, fatigue, excessive urination, and headaches. In addition, children with Craniopharyngioma may grow slowly and be smaller than average.  

What are the treatments available for Craniopharyngioma?
What are the operations/ surgical treatments available for Craniopharyngioma?

Craniopharyngiomas are benign tumors that develop close to the pituitary gland. They can manifest as solid tumors or cysts (hollow sacs filled with fluid). 

Craniopharyngiomas account for about 10% to 15% of pituitary tumors. Furthermore, this type of tumor accounts for approximately 6% of all brain tumors in children. 

Craniopharyngiomas are most commonly found in children aged 5 to 14. These tumors can, however, develop in adults over the age of 50. 

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