What is Ependymoma?

Ependymomas are glial tumors that typically arise from the lining of the brain’s ventricles or the spinal cord’s central canal. They contribute to 5% of all neuroepithelial neoplasms, 10% of all pediatric brain tumors, and up to 33% of brain tumors in children under three.  

Ependymomas can occur anywhere along the neuraxis, but their distribution and molecular characteristics are relatively site-dependent, with three groups based on the anatomical compartment in which they are found:  

  • the posterior fossa (60 percent)  
  • the supratentorial (30 percent)  
  • the spinal cord (10 percent)  

What are the causes of Ependymoma?

Doctors are baffled as to what causes ependymomas. However, if you have a genetic condition known as neurofibromatosis type 2, your chances of contracting the disease increase.  

Men and women were both affected by ependymomas. Adults are most likely to develop tumors between the ages of 40 and 60—children under the age of three accounts for approximately 30% of all ependymoma cases.

What are the symptoms of Ependymoma?

Brain Symptoms- 

  • You may experience seizures or headaches on a regular basis. 
  • You might also feel nauseous or vomit. 
  • You might lose your footing. 
  • It is possible that your vision will become blurry. 
  • You may be perplexed or irritated. 

Spine Symptoms- 

  • Pain or stiffness in your neck or back. 
  • You may experience weakness or numbness in your legs or arms. 
  • Having difficulty peeing 
  • Sexual issues 

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How is the diagnosis of Ependymoma made?
What are the treatments available for Ependymoma?
What are the operations/ surgical treatments available for Ependymoma?

Primary CNS tumors are graded based on tumor location, type, the extent of tumor spread, genetic findings, patient age, and tumor remaining after surgery if surgery is possible. 

An ependymoma is a primary tumor of the central nervous system (CNS). This indicates that it begins in the brain or spinal cord. 

If necessary, a piece of tumor tissue will be removed during surgery to obtain an accurate diagnosis. A neuropathologist should then examine the tumor tissue. Dr. Nitin Jagdhane is an expert neurosurgeon in Mumbai who can provide the best treatment for Ependymoma. 

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