Lumbar Listhesis

What is a Lumbar Listhesis?

Lumbar Listhesis is a condition where the spine becomes unstable caused by abnormal vertebrae movement, in this case, sometimes vertebrae slip out of place and onto the lower vertebra putting pressure on the nerves. This could cause lower back or leg pain.

What are the causes of Lumbar Listhesis?

Many reasons can cause Lumbar Listhesis condition, some of these are listed below –

Many reasons can cause Lumbar Listhesis condition, some of these are listed below –

In young athletes, overextending of the spine
Congenital thinner vertebral bone
In older adults, wear and tear of spine and disks
What are the signs and symptoms of lumbar listhesis?

At times the symptoms of Lumbar Listhesis may not be noticeable, consequently, some people have the condition and they don’t know about it. The most common symptom of Lumbar Listhesis is lower back pain extending to the buttocks and thighs. Patients with Lumbar Listhesis may also experience –

Stiffness in the back
Spasms in thigh muscles
Bending over pain
Weakness, numbness, tingling in feet
How is the diagnosis of lumbar listhesis?

A physical examination will be carried out by the doctor based on the patient’s symptoms. The most likely doctor will recommend Spinal X-Ray to see if vertebrae are out of place, a CT Scan or MRI Scan may be required to see the spine in more detail like the condition of nerves, discs, and soft tissues.

What are the treatments of lumbar listhesis available?

Treatment will depend on the grade of the condition, for milder cases, non-surgical treatments will be suggested like rest, anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections, or physical therapy. Patients with high-grade Lumbar Listhesis may be recommended surgery if the pain is severe or non-surgical treatments have been ineffective.

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