Oligodendroglioma Medulloblastoma

What is Medulloblastoma?

Medulloblastoma is a primary tumor of the central nervous system (CNS). This indicates that it begins in the brain or spinal cord.  

If possible, a part of tumor tissue will be removed during surgery to obtain an accurate diagnosis.  

What causes Medulloblastomas?

Cancer is a genetic disorder, which occurs due to the changes in genes that control how our cells function. In many types of cancer, genes can be mutated (changed), causing cancer cells to grow and spread. The cause of the majority of medulloblastomas is unknown. However, a small percentage of childhood medulloblastomas are caused by gene changes passed down through families. There is no known cause of medulloblastomas in adults.  

Where do medulloblastomas develop?

Medulloblastomas most commonly develop in the cerebellum, the underside part of the brain situated behind the skull. Medulloblastoma is classified as an embryonal neuroepithelial tumor because it grows in fetal cells that survive birth.  

How is the diagnosis of Medulloblastoma made?

What are the treatments available for Medulloblastoma?

What are the operations/ surgical treatments available for Medulloblastoma?

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