Spinal Cavernoma

What are the causes of Spinal Cavernoma?

Spinal Cavernoma can be caused by hereditary reasons and this is responsible for up to a quarter of the Spinal Cavernoma cases. There are three genes identified responsible for Spinal Cavernoma. Mutations in these genes can cause the condition, and people with these genes have a 50% chance of passing these to their children. Apart from that Spinal Cavernoma can also be sporadic. A Spinal Cavernoma develops when there is a change in the wall of blood vessels which results in blood leaking.

What are the signs and symptoms of spinal cavernoma?

Symptoms are generally caused by injury to nerves which affects the functioning of the spinal cord. The symptoms most common to Spinal Cavernoma are

Sensory problems like balance, numbness, a sensation of needles piercing in hands and feet
Pain in back, hands, and legs
Weakness in hands and legs.
Bladder and bowel control problems
How is the diagnosis of spinal cavernoma done?

Based on the symptoms the doctor will recommend Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which is the most accurate test and provides pictures of Spinal Cavernomas. Other tests like CT Scans and angiograms cannot reliably show the Spinal Cavernoma.

What are the treatments of spinal cavernoma available?

Patients with milder symptoms can be recommended non-invasive conservative treatment which revolves around coping with Spinal Cavernoma and aims at neurological recovery and reducing side effects of nerve injury. This treatment mostly involves therapy and exercise and psychological support to the patient. More invasive treatments include microsurgery which aims at completely removing the cavernoma while avoiding further injury to the spine. The surgery has to be carried out at highly specialized centers with experienced Neurosurgeons.

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