Subdural Hematoma

What is a Subdural hematoma?

A blood clot outside the brain is known as a subdural hematoma. Severe head injuries are the common cause. A subdural hematoma can cause life-threatening bleeding and increased pressure on the brain. Some come to a halt and then vanish, while others require surgical drainage. 

Blood collects between the tissue layers that surround the brain in a subdural hematoma. The dura is the outermost layer of the body. Bleeding happens in between the dura and the next layer, the arachnoid, in a subdural hematoma. 

The bleeding occurs beneath the skull and outside the brain, rather than inside the brain. Blood pooling, on the other hand, puts extra pressure on the brain. The pressure on the brain causes symptoms. For example, a subdural hematoma can cause unconsciousness and death if the pressure inside the skull climbs to dangerously high levels.

What are the common symptoms of subdural hematoma?

The following are symptoms of a subdural hematoma: 

Vomiting and nausea
Excessive sleepiness or lethargy
Behavioral shifts

How is the diagnosis of Subdural hematoma made?

What are the treatments available for Subdural hematoma?

What are the operations / surgical treatments available for Subdural hematoma?

Head injuries cause the majority of subdural hematomas. You are at risk of developing a subdural hematoma if you fall and strike your head or experience a shock to the head in a vehicle or bike accident, a sporting activity, or any other sort of head trauma.

Larger hematomas are treated with decompression surgery available at Dr. Nitin Jagdhane’s clinic, a brain, and spine specialist in Mumbai. The pressure that blood accumulation produces on the brain is relieved by draining the blood. However, if there are large blood clots, surgery may be required.

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