Tethered Cord Syndrome

What are the causes of Tethered Cord Syndrome?

In congenital cases, Tethered Cord Syndrome results from an anomaly in the early development of an embryo when a section of the neural tube that forms the spinal cord and spine doesn’t close completely. It can also be caused due to spinal trauma or injury, or patients with a history of spinal surgery.

What are the signs and symptoms for tethered cord syndrome?

Several symptoms are depending on the severity of the condition, in the case of congenital disorder, these symptoms present themselves early in life

Skin discoloration, fatty tumor, deep dimple, or hairy patch on the lower back
Lesions on the lower back
Back and leg pain, especially on the back of the leg
Leg numbness, tingling, or changes in leg strength
Leg deformities, curved spine, spine tenderness
Bowel and bladder problems
How is the diagnosis of tethered cord syndrome done?

If the Tethered Cord Syndrome is suspected, the doctor may recommend one or more of the below tests to establish the diagnosis

MRI can show any enlargement etc. in or around the spinal cord.
Myelogram to produce x-ray of the spinal canal
CT Scan to see the structure of the spinal cord and nerves.
Spinal ultrasound
What are the treatments of tethered cord syndrome available?

If the symptoms are getting worse and the condition is deteriorating, the doctor may recommend surgery for untethering. The surgery should only be performed in a highly specialized center by a highly skilled and experienced spine surgeon.

What operations for Tethered Cord Syndrome are available?

The operation most commonly done is Detethering surgery. In this surgery, the spinal canal is opened, the tethered Filum terminale (tail of the spinal cord) is identified, sharply cut and repair is done with the microsurgery techniques. The surgery can be done with two techniques such as

  1. Microscopic Spine surgery
  2. Endoscopic Spine surgery

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