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What is Choroid plexus papilloma?

Choroid plexus papillomas (CPPs) are a type of central nervous system tumor that is extremely rare. They can appear at any age, but they are more frequent in newborns. In addition, the age-related location of their occurrence varies. In children, they usually manifest as a rise in head circumference or a disturbance in mental status, but in adults, they manifest as indicators of increased intracranial tension.

Intraventricular enhancing masses can be seen on imaging. The most effective treatment for these lesions is surgery. The clinical examination of choroid plexus papilloma is described in this activity and the involvement of the interprofessional healthcare team in organizing care for this condition.

What causes choroid plexus papillomas?

Simian virus (SV) 40 has been linked to the development of choroid plexus malignancies in studies (CPTs). The BK and John Cunningham viruses have also been linked to the incidence. In humans with choroid plexus tumors, the prominent T antigen has been shown to form complexes with both the p53 and pRb tumor suppressor proteins. However, existing evidence does not indicate a contributing impact. There is currently no other factor being investigated.

What are the choroid plexus papillomas treatments available?
  • The most effective therapeutic method is surgery, which may be curative. 
  • Radiotherapy may be necessary. 

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