STA-MCA bypass Carotid Stenosis

What are STA and MCA bypass?

Cerebral bypass surgery is used to “revascularize” or restore blood flow to the brain. The cerebral bypass is the brain’s version of the heart’s coronary bypass. The operation reroutes blood flow around a damaged or obstructed artery by connecting a blood vessel from the brain’s exterior to a vessel inside the brain. Bypass surgery is performed to restore blood flow to the brain and avoid strokes. 

In 1967, M. G. Yaşargil created the STA–MCA bypass, first used to treat occlusive cerebrovascular illness. It was quickly incorporated into the surgical management of other complex nerve system vascular abnormalities. It is viable with a low complication rate, but in non-selected groups with the occlusive carotid artery or MCA disease, it is unsuccessful in avoiding a stroke.

Is Carotid occlusion surgery necessary?

The goal of the Carotid Occlusion Surgery Study is to see if the STA–MCA bypass can reduce the risk of stroke amongst patients who have signs of poor perfusion. In the case of hemorrhagic moyamoya disease, a worldwide multicenter trial will most likely further define the role of the STA–MCA bypass. This sophisticated surgical procedure will likely remain an essential tool in the therapy of occlusive atherosclerotic and traumatic cerebrovascular illness, intracranial aneurysms, skull base tumors, moyamoya disease, and possibly acute stroke the neurosurgeon’s armamentarium.

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