Traumatic Brain Injury

What is Traumatic brain injury?

A forceful blow or shock to the head or body usually causes traumatic brain damage. However, traumatic brain injury can also be caused by passing through brain tissue, such as a gunshot or a fractured piece of skull. 

A mild traumatic brain injury can cause temporary damage to your brain cells. However, bruising, torn tissues, bleeding, and other physical damage to the brain can occur with more acute traumatic brain injury.

A change in normal brain function is defined as observing one of the following clinical signs: 

Consciousness loss
Memory loss
Visual loss, muscle weakness, and speech changes are examples of focal neurological impairments.
Disorientation, slow thinking, or difficulty concentrating are all signs of a change in mental state.

What are the symptoms of TBI?

Depending on the level of brain injury, TBI symptoms can be mild, moderate, or severe. An abrupt change in mental state or consciousness may occur in mild cases. Severe cases might lead to prolonged unconsciousness, coma, or even death. 

Anyone who shows signs of a moderate or severe TBI should seek medical help right away. Medical workers aim to stabilize an individual with TBI and prevent subsequent injury because nothing can cure the initial brain damage produced by trauma. 

The key concerns are ensuring optimal oxygen supply to the brain and the rest of the body, maintaining adequate blood flow, and controlling blood pressure.

How is the diagnosis of Traumatic brain injury made?

What are the treatments available forTraumatic brain injury?

What are the operations/ surgical treatments available for Traumatic brain injury?

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